Gerald Monk, Therapist

Gerald Monk

About Gerald

I have had over 30 years working in the counseling, health care and mediation fields. My therapy is guided by empathy, emotional attunement, therapeutic curiosity to discover your resources and therapeutic challenge for change. Originally from New Zealand, I was a psychologist working with individuals, practicing couples counseling, and working with families before moving to San Diego in 2000 to become a professor at San Diego State University to train therapists. I have co-written six books that explore the benefits of understanding problems from a contextual and cultural framework and specialize in the following disciplines:

  • Couples therapy
  • Counseling couples in crisis
  • Addressing stuck communication patterns
  • Working with commitment and trust issues within conflicted couples
  • Providing mental health coaching for separating and divorcing couples with children
  • Therapy for blended families
  • Conducting couples counseling for infidelity
  • Offering couples therapy for dating and premarital issues
  • Working with individuals recovering from a breakup
  • Providing couples counseling for parenting challenges
  • Offering family therapy and marriage counseling
  • Delivering couples counseling targeting the sexual relationship
  • Conducting couples counseling for re-invigorating a marriage
  • Providing trainings and counseling using Narrative-Affective therapy
  • Providing narrative mediation for couples using a collaborative divorce approach
  • Providing narrative mediation for faculty and staff in academic, college and university settings
  • Offering trainings in narrative mediation in healthcare settings
Gerald Monk Office InteriorGerald Monk
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Professional Credentials

  • Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist CA License # 42825
  • AAMFT Supervisor Mentor
  • University of Waikato, Hamilton, New Zealand, Ph.D.
  • Licensed Psychologist (New Zealand, 1985-2000)
  • University of Otago, New Zealand, Post-Graduate Educational Diploma
    Psychology, M.Ed. Education (Distinction) (1985)
  • Massey University, Diploma Social Sciences, Palmerston North, New Zealand (1979)
  • Massey University B.A. Palmerston North, New Zealand (1977)

Fees & Length of Sessions

Sessions are normally 50 minutes long. I usually recommend a 75-minute session for couples and families. My fee is normally $180 per hour. The number of sessions will vary greatly depending upon the specific concerns you will bring to therapy.

Although I do not accept insurance directly, I will be happy to provide you with a monthly statement of services rendered (a superbill) if you wish to seek reimbursement from your insurance company. You can pay by cash, check, venmo or major credit card.

  • Request a Consultation
  • 15 Minutes
  • Schedule a Session
  • 15 Minute free consultation
  • 50 Minute session
  • 75 Minute session
  • 75 Minute online session

Co-Authored Publications

When Stories Clash: Addressing Conflict with Narrative Mediation
Monk, G., & Winslade, J. (2013).
When stories clash: Addressing conflict in narrative mediation.
Chagrin Falls, Ohio: Taos Institute. (Trans. Japanese, Danish and Russian)
New horizons in multicultural counseling.
Monk, G., Winslade, J., & Sinclair, S. (2008).
New horizons in multicultural counseling.
Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage.
Practicing narrative mediation: Loosening the grip 	of conflict
Winslade, J., & Monk, G. (2008).
Practicing narrative mediation: Loosening the grip of conflict
San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.
Narrative counseling in schools: Powerful and brief.
Winslade, J., & Monk, G. (2007)
Narrative counseling in schools: Powerful and brief. (Second Edition)
Thousand Oaks, CA: Corwin Press. (Trans. Japanese, Korean and Spanish)
Narrative Mediation : A New Approach to Conflict Resolution
Winslade, J., & Monk, G. (2000).
Narrative Mediation : A New Approach to Conflict Resolution
San Francisco: Jossey-Bass. (Trans. Danish, Russian)
Narrative Therapy in Practice: The Archaeology of Hope
Monk, G., Winslade, J. Crocket, K. & Epston, D. (Eds.) (1997).
Narrative Therapy in Practice: The Archaeology of Hope
San Francisco: Jossey-Bass. (Trans. Japanese)


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