Narrative Mediation

Narrative Mediation for Academia, Health Care & Divorce

Narrative Mediation


Like Narrative Therapy, Narrative Mediation helps people loosen the grip of the conflict-saturated stories that disrupt their lives and provides conflicted persons with new resources and tools to rebuild a new relational foundation on which to solve problems. With my colleague John Winslade we have developed the narrative approach to mediation and conflict and this is articulated in our published texts.

I apply narrative mediation in the field of collaborative divorce and mental health coaching with families whose parents are divorcing. I also apply narrative mediation in working with faculty and staff experiencing conflict who work in academia in college and university contexts. Narrative mediation and conflict resolution is a revolutionary departure from the traditional problem-solving, interest-based model of resolving disputes. Based upon a postmodern, social constructionist philosophy, narrative practice views conflict as arising within cultural contexts that have a direct bearing on how parties construct their perceptions of a particular event. The scope for addressing conflict with narrative mediation can be applied at the local level or international.

Narrative Mediation in Academia

How can it Help


  • I specialize in providing narrative mediation in academic settings to address conflict, distrust and misunderstandings between faculty members, faculty members and chairs of department, faculty members and dean, and staff persons and chairs.


  • For most people, separation and divorce is a highly destabilizing experience. Those connected with the separating couple can unintentionally make things worse.
  • My role as a therapist, coach and mediator over the last 20 years has been to help divorcing couples and their families’ transition from the feelings of distrust, betrayal, loss, and fear accompanying the change in the family unit to finding a genuine new equilibrium as family members regain a sense of hopefulness, peace and new possibility for their lives.